• Investor Relations – Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    “We at Eros International consider the practice of good corporate governance to be extremely essential to keep the trust of the stakeholders and to fulfill our social responsibilities as a company.”


    Governance /Compliance Documents, Charters, Codes & Policies

    Corporate Governance Policy
    Archival Policy
    Authorised Personnel For Determining Material Events
    Charter and Working Procedure of Stakeholders Relationship Committee
    Charter and Working Procedure of Nomination and Remuneration Committee
    Charter Working Procedure of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
    Charter and Working Procedure of Audit Committee
    Code of Conduct for Independent Directors
    Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
    Code for Fair Disclosure of UPSI
    Code of Conduct of Insider Trading
    Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
    Details about Corporate Social Responsibility
    Familiarization Program for Independent Directors
    Letter of Appointment as Independent Director
    Policy for determination of Materiality of Event or Information
    Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries
    Business Responsibility Report
    Policy on dealing and materiality of Related Party Transaction
    Red Herring Prospectus IPO
    Vendor Code of Conduct
    Vigil Mechanism / Whistle Blower Policy
    Dividend Distribution Policy
    Summary of information on the Stock Options
    Policy and Procedure for leak or suspected leak of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information